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Our Story

Our farm is in Southeast MN on the rolling hills not too far from the Mississippi River.  Dennis is the 3rd generation to farm the land he has lived on since birth. He married Ruth in 1994.  They purchased the farm in 1998 and soon after decided to begin the transition to organic.


Buck Hill Dairy farm was certified organic in 2003.  Our hope in certifying organic was to be able to stay a small family farm and be able to raise our children on land they can run and play on without having to worry about pesticides and herbicides.  Today we are proud to say that our farm is run by Dennis, Ruth and our 6 children Alicia, Austin, Kaitlyn, Kennedy, Brooke and Justin (the 4th generation).


We have learned that being organic means so much more for the earth, the soil, the animals, and we want to bring those benefits to you through your food.  Our mission is to leave the soil in better condition than we received it, and we are doing that by regenerating the soil with manure, natural fertilizers, planting cover crops, minimizing compaction and other various methods.


One hundred of our five hundred and sixty acres are in permanent pasture.  This is like a salad bar for the cows.  The animals do the harvesting and fertilizing all on their own.  The soil in these acres is never exposed which helps to build up the organic matter.


Our cows live the good life.  During the pasture season they have the freedom to walk out to pasture, get a drink of water, lick on free choice minerals, or be milked in our robotic milking system all on their own schedule.  During the winter, if necessary, we have a barn to keep them warm with tons of natural light, comfortable sand beds, and a cow brush if they have an itch that needs to be scratched.  Oh and every animal on our farm has a name!


Today we are beginning a new journey with Buck Hill Beef-our Angus-cross beef animals raised living the good life.  We want to connect with our consumers and connect you to the food you are eating so that you can answer the question…WHO’S YOUR FARMER??

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