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What We Sell

Payment: We accept cash, check or Venmo

*no online purchases. 


  Send message to or call/text Austin 651-764-9735

Ground Beef: $5.50/lb


Chuck Roast:$7.00/lb
Great Slow cooked


T-Bone Steak: $18/lb
Great on the grill


Bone in Ribeye: $16/lb

Great on the grill

beef ribeye.JPG

Sirloin Steak $11.00/lb
Great on the grill


Rump Roast $7.00/lb

Great slow cooked

Short Ribs $7.00/lb

Great Braised or smoked

Boil Beef $5.00/lb

Great for Soups and Broth


Liver $5.00/lb

Tongue $3.00/lb

Soup Bones $3.00/lb

Bulk Beef:  2-3 month wait, call/email to get on list.

Average hanging weight is 750 pounds

Wholes, Halves, and Quarters are $3.25 per pound hanging weight plus you pay the processing 


On Average a whole cow will be 450 pounds of beef in your freezer. 

Price does not include processing fees which adds roughly $1.25/lb hanging weight

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